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The Three M's:
Mental Health, Meningitis, 
Medical Power of Attorney

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Mental Health

It’s important to keep an eye out for symptoms of depression, the most common challenge to mental health.

Encourage regular check-ins with your student, by phone or video as well as texting. Keep lines of communication open.

Talk about the challenges of being away from home, making new friends, keeping up with academics and stress that there is always someone they can talk to - either a college counsellor, a peer or family.

Here's a great article from McClean, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School 

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Many students come down with ‘Freshers Flu’ but there are more serious illnesses that they need to be aware of so do the research. Meningitis B is one such deadly illness.

The ACWY vaccine that they get at school or from paediatricians does NOT cover Meningitis B.

  • Consider getting your kids immunised (privately unfortunately) for MenB.

Meningitis Now offer 'wallet' sized downloads that you can print and give to your kids.

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Medical Power of Attorney

As a parent you do not have access to their medical records as they are over 18 so putting a medical power of attorney in place in case of serious physical and mental illness is highly recommended. 

Here are some handy links - UK NHS advice and USA FreeWill advice

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