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'Skin in midlife' by Gia Mills

Gia Mills, celebrity makeup artist and founder of the Skin in Motion the UK’s number one active and mid-life beauty brand tells us how we can improve our midlife skin.

Menopausal skin advice
Celebrity make up artist Gia Mills

Skin in Motion the UK’s number one active and mid-life beauty brand is changing the way beauty looks and feels. Founded by celebrity makeup artist and fitness lover Gia Mills, Skin in Motion’s purpose is to empower women with the confidence-boosting beauty products that work for all life stages so they feel positive about our appearance. From long lasting sheer tinted moisturiser, panda-eye proof mascara to sweat-proof concealer, cooling hydrating mists and sweat-dissolving wipes, say hello to the

vegan and cruelty-free range that you can trust and love.

As our skin never stays the same, Skin In Motion’s multi-purpose solutions match the needs of different life stages such as the menopause or different environment conditions such as exercising, commuting or summer heat. Menopause-Friendly + Active-Lives-Friendly + Exercise-Friendly + Teen-Skin-Friendly.

Featured in top national beauty magazines, including The Times, Elle, Red, Grazia, Glamour, Stylist and Woman’s Health. Loved by celebrity makeup-artists and beauty journalists, pro-athletes, actresses, dancers, mothers, grandmothers, Skin in Motion formulas are specifically designed for life in motion!

Trialled on women of all ages during the most intense workouts, hot flushes and commuting, Skin in Motion guarantees your make-up will stay put all day long, providing you with the confidence to tackle life head-on knowing you look great! All products use non-toxic ingredients, are vegan / cruelty free and are manufactured in the UK.

Midlife and menopause skin issues solves:

So many of the pre and menopausal symptoms are due to the dip in oestrogen.

Our levels begin to drop well before you officially hit the menopause (one year after

your period stops), causing a myriad of skin imbalances. Similar to puberty in that

the skin is reacting to the change in hormones and can take on many different guises

and for differing periods of time and intensity.

There are oestrogen receptors in every cell, e.g. those that produce collagen and

elastin, cells that fight inflammation and immune function and cells that control

pigmentation of the skin. Which can result in:

  • Ability to fend off pollution, bacteria and toxins, thus skin flare ups / adult acne

  • Reduction in collagen so skin starts to sag, is less vibrant skin, more lines and dryness as well as redness and pigmentation

  • Sweating / hot flushes

The hot flushes and the resulting over sweating are thought to be more than just

falling oestrogen. It is suggested that the normal balanced level of oestrogen primes

the body to react to temperature change and control ones response, thus fluctuating

levels can cause the body to become sensitive to the slightest rise – hello sweating

and hot flushes!

The Skin In Motion solution

Let me interject before I get into the solutions and say that not only are there the

above physiological results of the peri/menopause, but also the psychological ones.

And confidence is the stand out psychological one…feeling good about how you look

is paramount to most women’s confidence and that’s one of the reasons Skin In

Motion exists. Our skin is always evolving and always in motion, and I set up the

brand to offer multi-purpose confidence boosting formulas match the needs of

different life stages such as the menopause and teen-skin or different environment

conditions such as exercising, commuting or summer heat.

Skin In Motion sweat-proof solutions:

Hot-flush-proof tinted moisturiser: Our hero product, Work It Tinted Moisturiser,

was created to be sweat-proof, non-comedogenic and hydrating (argan oil). It is a

very light formula so it doesn’t look or feel heavy on the skin, so when a hot flush

arrives it will stay put, reduce redness but not clog pores (minimising any potential

adult acne). Using a patented technology that mixes the formulas at a very high speed means the

hydrating argan oil won’t separate and makes the formula glide on even dry skin and

gives is a fresh / dewy glow.

Panda-eye-proof mascara: Lift It Waterproof Mascara won’t cause under eye smudging when the body heats up. Marathon runners as last weeks London Marathon wore it and it reported back with reviews saying it stayed the course. So if good after 26.2 miles, great for excessive sweating (but don’t worry, it is super easy to remove and lash nourishing).

Water-resistant coverage: Heavy foundation that masks the skin is possibly not the

best solution to cover menopausal skin and will likely melt when you sweat. So a

concealer that hides just the bits you need it to, is water-resistant, creamy AND

nourishing (with Vitamin E) - Blend It Concealer to the rescue.

Skin In Motion cooling solutions:

Hot flush / night sweat cooler: As our internal thermostat goes bonkers and makes

us over heat, having something you can grab to cool you down would be nice. Oh

and if it can reduce redness and hydrate the menopausal skin…that would be the

dream! Hello Cool It Mist, mint to cool, liquorice extract to reduce redness and lots of

hydrolysed hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate…

Skin In Motion sweat-removing / adult acne solutions:

The multi-purpose solution come in the guise of Clear It Wipes. Hot flushes can

happen anywhere and anytime, these biodegradable wipes are designed specifically

for on the go sweat removing – half % salicylic acid, pomegranate enzyme and aloe

vera. Not only that, they work for adult acne, as dermatologist recommend not to use teen

adult acne treatments as they are designed for oily teen skin, instead it is

recommend to use a more gentle formula which has salicylic acid to dry out spots,

reduce swelling and clear blocked pores, so the three key ingredients in Clear It

Wipes are perfectly balanced to help here too.

Use code TWC20 to receive 20% off any Skin In Motion products.

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