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Michelle Ford, Podcast Hots Two Women Chatting

At Two Women Chatting, we are passionate about empowering midlife women who are experiencing an empty nest transition. Our platform is dedicated to offering entertaining content that inspires and uplifts. Our conversations cover an array of topics related to midlife such as health and wellness, relationships, and self-discovery. By spreading joy and positivity, we aim to create a community that supports each other through life's transitions.

Liz Copping & Michelle Ford xxx

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Jane Plan,
the UK's leading weight management system!
Follow (and join in!) Michelle's Jane Plan weight loss journey on our instagram account.  We have a fabulous offer of £50 off new subscriptions for our listeners.  

Just use unique code TWC50 at

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Some of our fab guests... including Dame Judi Dench, Andrea McLean, Claire Sweeney, Louise Minchin, Anthea Turner, Dr Nighat Arif, Judy Murray, Melinda Messenger, Angie Best, Jo Elvin, Rosie Green, Linda Magistris, Lisa Snowden, Jenni Falconer, Lavina Mehta MBE, Gia Mills, Jasmine Birtles, Jenny Seagrove, Carolyn Harris MP, Alice Smellie, Marianne Jones, Katy Hill, Alexandra Potter


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"Love the mixture of humour and really fascinating topics. I don't know how Liz and Michelle get such fabulous guests.  Look forward to this every week and have shared with so many friends!"

“Exactly what I need in my Podcast library as I adjust to instant empty nest with twins having just left for college! Looking forward to the next episode!”

"Really appreciate how they chat about subjects that can be awkward or uncomfortable and still manage to do it with humour.  I've learned so much from listening to this podcast when I walk the dog."

“Really feel like I'm part of the conversation and keep wanting to join in! I feel like they're my friends!  Great podcast!

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