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Our Story

TWC started on a sofa, a lovely blue velvety sofa, as lockdown eased.  Neighbours Liz and Michelle caught up on life, family, dreams, and laughs, sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea (or often something stronger). 

The conversations always went off at a tangent, and ended up with both of us laughing our heads off and putting the world to rights.

But then we soon realised what we chatted about was so relevant to others and there was a real need for chats and honest discussions that affect us and our families, like ageing parents, new jobs, brain fog, menopause, retirement, weight loss, new hobbies, midlife health, teenage and grown up kids concerns. So we contacted experts and celebrities to find out more and the podcast Two Women Chatting was born.

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Meet the faces behind the podcast

Michelle Ford

Michelle has lived a nomadic life with her husband  of 30 years and three kids, relocating from the UK to the USA, to Singapore and now back in Blighty.  Voice acting for nearly 20 years, she has narrated audiobooks, commercials and voice projects for international clients as she moved her booth around the world.

Michelle is now pressing the reset button as an empty nester and enjoying a new career in podcasting. This podcast has pushed her to try new things, learn to say 'no' when she wants but also to say 'yes' to pushing outside her comfort zone.  She’s convinced that she lost all her ‘filters’ at 50 and is loving the freedom that brings!

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Liz Copping

Liz started her career in events by accident. Having studied for a degree in Ancient History & Archaeology she soon realised she was not cut out for life as an archaeologist when her dreams of working in exotic locations were dashed by being sent to a wet windy Wales in the middle of January.

Moving to London she somehow secured a job in an aviation publishing house and being bold or naïve, depending on how you look at it, soon launched an international event & publishing business with her future husband.

Fast forward to 2020, with four children, two dogs, and the business successfully sold, she met her lovely new neighbour Michelle who in a moment of weakness managed to talk Liz totally out of her comfort zone to co-host the podcast Two Women Chatting . Proving that we can all step up and do something different in midlife!

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