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Help for the sandwich generation

The Health Foundation: Understanding unpaid carers and their access to support

Age UK: Research highlighting the challenges facing older people and their families

Carers UK: Comments on new findings that one in four sandwich carers report symptoms of mental ill-health

Pew Research: The Sandwich Generation

Washington Post: The sandwich generation is changing. The stress remains.

Careline: Carer's Allowance for elderly parents

NHS: Introduction to care and support

Sun Life: Your guide to the sandwich generation

BBC:Why the 'sandwich generation' is so stressed out

Employee Benefits: How to survive the sandwich generation

NLS Library of Congress: General resources on aging adults and their families in America

Two Women Chatting: What is the sandwich generation

British Geriatric Association

Better Up: Sandwich Generation

UNUM: UK's estimated 6 million 'sandwich generation' workers need better employer support

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