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Good Clean Fun- Liz & Michelle spent a week testing non alcoholic drinks!

As midlife women who have certainly enjoyed our fair share of G&Ts and chardonnay we recently had a light bulb moment when researching for our latest podcast ‘Cheers to Sobriety’.

Over the past year, we have chatted with celebrities and expert guests about our hot flushes, difficulty sleeping, aging skin, collagen, weight gain and brain fog. We put it down to menopause but discovered these symptoms are also indicative of drinking too much alcohol.

I want to cut back on alcohol. Menopause and drinking
Liz & Michelle, Hosts of the podcast Two Women Chatting

So we became 'sober curious' which means we are questioning the ways in which alcohol affects us and the role it plays in our life. Could we abstain from drinking and what alternatives are out there to help us navigate the festive season? We contacted a host of companies that produce non-alcoholic drinks and they kindly sent us some samples and over a week we put them to the test.

Highball Cocktails are fantastic and so convenient when you are looking to grab a drink at home after work or when friends pop over. They are delicious, healthy, and a zero-percent alternative to some of the world’s greatest cocktails. We personally loved the Mojito and Gin and Tonic but confess to trying the entire range which also includes Cosmopolitan, Pink Gin & Tonic, Italian Spritz and Ginger Dram.

Our thoughts: Perfect pre-dinner tipple!

Use the code TWOWOMENCHATTING to receive 15% off the Highball range.

Cognato has three alcohol-free wines: red, white and rosé which are produced using grapes grown in the Coastal Region of the Western Cape in South Africa. The rosé is particularly tasty -it has strawberry tones, herbs and citrus and is perfect as an aperitif on a hot summer day as was the white which is crisp and fruity and a perfect non-alcoholic alternative to serve with seafood dishes.

Our thoughts: We loved the rosé and a great one to take to a party!

Use the code TWOWOMEN15 to receive 15% off all Cognato wines. PLUS two free bottles for our listeners. Just pay the postage (UK only).

Pentire Drinks is a range of clear alcohol-free spirits, distilled in Cornwall, UK. We tested the Pentire Adrift which smells incredible. The Adrift is their original botanical, non-alcoholic spirit and its complex aroma is difficult to describe. It is very smooth and mellow, but with a little citrus edge and you also catch a whiff of sage. We enjoyed it with a Fever Tree light tonic, ice and a slice!

Our thoughts: A sophisticated drink for a midlife woman!

Use the code TWC15 to receive a 15% discount off all the Pentire Range. (One per customer)

Non alchoholic beer

Smashed Well these drinks from Drinks Unlimited certainly smashed it for us two midlifers! Maybe it brought back memories of sipping shandy as kids in the garden of the local pub but we absolutely loved the Alcohol Free Shandy.

Our thoughts: Try the introductory range including pale ale, cider, berry, shandy, lager – perfect for Christmas!

Use the code TWOWOMENCHATTING to receive 25% off their entire range

Caleño produce two alcohol-free spirits, known as 'Light and Zesty' and 'Dark and Spicy' which are specifically marketed as an alcohol free gin and an alcohol free rum. We tasted both and were extremely impressed.

Our thoughts: Great to make some fun cocktails such as Tropical Watermelon Cooler!

Definitely different but in a good way! These drinks all taste like something completely “new.” We tested The Livener and served it with Fever Tree Mediterranean. It has a certain spicy taste to it, a hint of ginger - a little weird to begin with then it becomes really tasty.

Our thoughts: To be honest we found it hard to describe but highly recommend you give it a try!

Lyres produce an amazing array of non-alcoholic drinks in both cans and bottles. From Dark Cane Spirit, Amaretto, and Italian Spritz to a sparkling bubbly.

Our thoughts: These are honestly a fantastic substitute for alcohol and great for taking to a party or supper at friends.

Nozeco - we’ve always loved a Bucks Fizz ( and of course the pop group!). Well, we certainly made our mind up - absolutely loved it. We served a bottle at a breakfast get-together – no one even noticed it was alcohol-free. It’s hard to find fault with this drink. It’s got the fizz, the Champagne bitterness and the citrus sharpness.

Our thoughts: A possible game changer!

LA Brewery is not a California based brewery but is based in Suffolk, England. The LA stands for Louise Avery, who has been producing kombucha since 2017. Alongside her range of day-to-day kombuchas in ginger, lemongrass, and strawberry flavours are two bottles that look like champagne.

Our thoughts: Delicious, glamorous and refreshing!

Use the code TWOWOMENCHATTING15 to receive a 15% discount.

Saicho -sparkling non alcoholic tea. To be honest we were a bit skeptical but once we took a sip we understand why it is sold in Langhams and The Sheraton in London. It has been blended with the pairing of food in mind and each is made with a different tea variety (including Darjeeling, Hojicha and Jasmine) which are lightly tempered with white grape juice and citrus to soften the dryness of the tea and this allows the complexity of the tea flavours shine through.

Our thoughts: Sophisticated and elegant and different!

MarieLaveau is a delightful distilled non-alcoholic spiced spirit that was inspired by the legend of the New Orleans’ Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau. It has a smooth blend of sweet vanilla with a warm, spicy finish, this distilled, non-alcoholic rum alternative is handcrafted and produced in small batches to provide a smooth blend using classic rum spices and botanicals.

Our thoughts: Fantastic label! Rather nice with ice and diet (of course!) coke, definitely tastes like rum.

Use code TWC20 to receive a 20% off AF drinks

If you're thinking about your relationship with alcohol then listen to our podcast 'Sober Curious' where we chat with Janey Lee Grace, Kate Baily and Mandy Manners who offer some great tips, suggestions and strategies.

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