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What’s the best tweakment for a 40/ 50/ 60-year-old face?

We asked Alice Harte Davis founder of The Tweakments Guide, which provides comprehensive, clear and friendly information about cosmetic procedures and how they work, along with a network of practitioners whom Alice would trust with her face.

what is options are out there for improving older womens skin
Alice Harte Davis, Founder of The Tweakments Guide

This is the question I get so often and it’s really hard to answer. Why? Because I can’t see you, and I don’t know what your face is like.

Is it gaunt? Or saggy? Is it well-padded, with jowls and a double chin for good measure? Plus, I’ve no idea what’s bothering you. Age spots? Crow’s feet? Looking sad or grumpy when you’re feeling perfectly fine? Because, you know, you need a reason to have tweakments. You don’t just have them for the hell of it.

Asking ‘what’s the best tweakment for a 50-year-old face’ is a bit like asking me what piece of clothing you should buy. It all depends on who you are, what you’re looking for and how much you’ve got to spend. I also need a bit of a steer on what you’re up for in the way of treatments. Are you ok with needles? With a bit of swelling or redness or downtime? With multiple rounds of treatment? It all affects the choice of tweakments that you might be happy to try.

Having said that, here are a few thoughts.

Best for frown lines – wrinkle-relaxing toxin

Best for hollow or gaunt faces dermal fillers

Best for rough dry skin at any age injectable moisturiser

Best for skin tightening – RF needling or ultrasound/ HIFU.

You can look up the details of all those procedures on the links above.

The person who can really tell you what’s best is an expert practitioner. Get yourself in front of one of the people I’d trust with my own face, and see what they suggest for you.

This article was originally published by Alice Harte Davies.

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Jun 18, 2023

I've had dermal fillers but not too much and it's helped my confidence.


Unknown member
Apr 15, 2023


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