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Lazy Weight Loss

Classic new year topic...but with a twist. Liz and Michelle want to lose weight but, as Michelle can't exercise due to upcoming surgery for a dodgy hip, they're coming up with ways to drop the pounds without leaving the sofa! From the Magical Leek Diet to Gastric Band hypnotherapy, a 'moist' January and food ideas, join their 2022 reset for a healthy lifestyle, whether or not you can (or want to) hit the gym.

The Magical Leek Soup diet (check out Emily in Paris season 2!) really is a thing. Generations of French women have used this formula to detox and drop a few pounds. Widely shared in the book French Women Don't Get Fat by Mireille Guilano. A two day diet basically living on leek veggie water followed by a small protein/vegetable meal on the second day, we can confirm it WORKS! Michelle managed a 6lbs weight loss (likely mostly water of course) which adjusted to 4lbs net loss by the end of week. A great way to get started on a reset! The PROS - definitely quick weight loss. The CONS - you'll be visiting the bathroom a lot as leeks are a diuretic. You might not get a full night's sleep as you need to pee so much! In Michelle's opinion... still worth it :)

Lazy weight loss try this magical leek soup

Meanwhile Liz is following the principles of a French diet by using smaller plates, no snacking, eating good fats to fill her up - but combining that with intermittent fasting by not eating before 11am/12pm every day and finishing dinner early (often preceding dinner with a ladle or two of soup so the main course isn't so large) and, drumroll please...... she's started cooking!

Following a successful detox we're now going to give Gastric Band Hypnotherapy a go. Ultimately 'lazy', we get to lay down for 30 minutes daily to listen to a hypnotherapy programme that uses visualisation, suggestion and cognitive behavioural therapy techniques designed to make you convinced you've undergone gastric band surgery and therefore can only eat small meals. The programme takes 3 weeks and includes a bit of homework including a food diary to help identify triggers. We'll let you know how it goes!

Listen to episode 4 of our podcast for some great ideas on making small changes in your lifestyle for great weight loss results. Please always consult with your doctor if you have any health concerns and before starting any drastic diets!

Some ‘lazy’ ways to drop a few pounds without too much effort or exercise!

  • Weigh yourself daily - it keeps you incentivised

  • Add reminders on your phone - ‘don’t have that glass of wine tonight’ ‘go for a short walk’ ‘you don’t need that biscuit’

  • Post notes on and in your fridge saying ‘NO’ and ‘you can do this’!

  • Have an apple instead of a biscuit if you are feeling peckish- cut it up as it takes longer to eat

  • Serve your meal on a smaller plate

  • Reduce your portion size just a little

  • Eat a small bowl of soup as a starter - a couple of ladles soon fills you up

  • Eat more foods that can boost your metabolic rate - chillis, coffee, ginger, tea, proteins

  • 50% rule - stop halfway through meal and think ‘do I really want anymore?’

  • Don’t drink your calories - limit your alcohol intake

  • Plan your meals ahead - don’t overthink it just decide what you are going to eat a day or two ahead

  • Drink more water

  • Drink a glass of water before a meal - it makes you feel full and less hungry.

  • If you take sugar in your coffee or tea half the amount - it will make a difference over a year

  • Intermittent fasting - don’t eat after 7.30pm (including snacks) and have a nice late breakfast If you don’t eat until midday the next day - that’s 16 + hours of fasting without even trying!

  • Invest in digital scales – they give you information on body composition such as metabolic rate, age, fat content - obviously they are not totally precise but they certainly motivate you.

  • When go to a restaurant don’t mindlessly eat 2-3 pieces of bread whilst you order or wait for the meal

  • Get more sleep – you can’t eat when you are asleep! Studies show that taking a 20-30 minute 'power nap' during the day may help with weight loss.

  • Try hynotherapy - plenty of companies and apps now off this

For this episodes 2Ps (we dropped a P!) of Plan and Purpose we suggest:

PLAN - consider making a Vision Board for 2022. It doesn't have to be too complicated. Find some images that mean something to you, that you aspire to, that are achievable. We added ours to the Home Screen of our phones and laptops so we get that positive reminder every time we open up.

PURPOSE - achievable goals in exercise. If you're not able to get to a gym (or don't want to for whatever reason), consider some easy exercise, practically from your sofa! Whilst you're watching tv, pick five commercial breaks and do 10 sofa squats. So, from sitting, simply use your lower body strength to stand without using your hands - and sit down again. Repeat 9 more times per break. You'll be amazed how you can make a difference.

If you're able to (and it's suitable for you), try a 'plank challenge' every day for a month. This simple exercise can really improve your core. Just start slow with forearms - and check internet for great plans you can follow.

  • Get into pushup position. For a high plank, your arms should be fully extended. If you’re a beginner, you can start by doing a plank on your knees. If you’re more advanced, you can try one on your forearms for more of a challenge.

  • Keep your palms and toes firmly planted on the ground, your back straight, and your core tight.

  • Make sure your body is in a straight line while you’re in plank position. Don’t let your back or head sag.

  • Hold your plank for the predetermined time. If your form begins to go at any point, drop to your knees or stop until you’re ready to return to plank position.

Listen to the podcast Two Women Chatting with Liz Copping & Michelle Ford two midlife women

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