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Cash down the back of the sofa by Jasmine Birtles

A topic that is on our minds like everyone else is the cost of living crisis so we chatted with

Jasmine Birtles, broadcaster, journalist, 'money guru' and founder of popular consumer money website We asked her to give us some creative tips so that we can all save a little and

also to bring in some much needed cash.

You'll be amazed how much money can be made from the comfort of your home!

Ways to make some extra cash
Jasmine Birtles, Journalist & Founder of MoneyMagpie

All the links to the websites and apps mentioned can be found on the Two Women Chatting resources page

25 ways to Save a Little (well quite a lot actually!)

  • Take an audit of how much you spend on groceries and see if any savings can be made

  • Search for discount coupons via or

  • Sign up for the Olio app which connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away.

  • To Good to Go is an app which allows you to purchase unsold food from eateries such as Pret a Manger at the end of service, to prevent it from being thrown away. This means you get high-quality food at a great price and do some good for the planet.

  • Use the app Gander to discover local stores that are discounting food or just ask in the store when they usually 'yellow sticker'.

  • Take the Downshift Challenge : try a cheaper brand -if you don’t notice a difference keep with it

  • Add pulses to bulk out meat dishes

  • Slice a steak once it’s cooked you’d be amazed how much further it goes

  • Organise a swap of excess harvest produce. Swap seeds and plants with friends and neighbours

  • Check the price per kilo of loose items of fruit and vegetables by using the Omni Calculator

  • Use washing machines in the evening when energy prices are lowest and use powder not liquid - almost all washes can be done on the 'cold' setting

  • Consider water-saving gadgets to reduce energy and water bills such as a water meter – if you have more rooms than people it may be worth looking into

  • Amazon Family – consolidate all your accounts

  • Cancel automatic credit cards which are filed on your computer to stop impulse purchases in the middle of the night. Do you really need those new shoes?

  • Do a 'subscriptions audit' - do you really need them all or could you do 'family' accounts with your adult kids. Handy for apps like Spotify, Hulu, Amazon Prime

  • Check bank accounts for old direct debits, subscriptions, recurring payments

  • Buy lost or stolen goods at auctions – just search police or lost luggage sites

  • Unplug electrical items such as TV's and kettles when they are not in use

  • Consider a NHS Prepayment subscription

  • Buy a Railcard

  • Hire rather than buy an outfit for a special event (great links on the resources page like Rent the Runway)

  • Check insurance policies and renegotiate - they won’t want to lose you

  • For large purchases consider getting a 0% purchases credit card where the 0% lasts at least 12 month and pay off monthly - more info on moneysavingexpert site.

  • If you wear a uniform for work you can receive a tax rebate for washing/repair

  • Freecycle/ Freegle has lots of wanted goods for free

17 ways to earn a little extra money

There are plenty of ways to earn a little extra cash ….

  • If you have attractive feet or hands you can become a hand or foot model

  • Become a film extra for the day

  • Complete surveys for companies online and receive free goods or cash through sites like you gov or Ipsos isay ( NB. Create a new email address for signing up to survey websites)

  • Sign up to websites like Upwork or fiverr where you can offer your expertise to businesses on a freelance basis

  • Sell unwanted items –mobile phones, I pads and laptops·

  • Test products for companies - are always looking for people to try out products and websites

  • Check that promotions and ads are in stores for companies using your smart phone

  • Offer your house for a TV or movie set

  • Rent out a room, there are lots of people wanting a room only from Monday-Friday - there's a website just for this (see resources)

  • Become a dog sitter

  • Sell unwanted clothes on sites like Vinted or Depop

  • Sign up to be a games tester

  • Rent out spare storage space or your garage or driveway (check out JustPark or YourParkingSpace to list yours)

  • If you take great quality photos consider selling your images to professional sites like Alamy or Shutterstock

  • Sell odd gold earrings and unwanted jewellery and perfumes - even bits of broken jewellery will sell

  • Repurpose jewellery and old furniture and sell online. A lick of paint or some new accessories could appeal to a buyer

  • Become a childminder or private tutor (you will require a DBS check and register with Ofsted)

  • Become a Property Guardian which is an arrangement by which people are granted cheap accommodation in return for living flexibly often in desirable locations

Two Women Chatting key takeaways ….

  • Do an audit of your costs and a financial health check

  • Use your skills or spare time to generate income

  • Sign up for apps and free money management and budgeting apps like Snoop or Emma which help you track your spending, cut your bills and control your finances.

Listen to the full conversation with Jasmine Birtles here and visit our resources page which has all the links to our tips.

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