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Vaginal rejuvenation treatments -what are they and do we need them? by Dr Shirin Lakhani

Dr Shirin Lakhani talks about vaginal rejuvenation treatments
Dr Shirin Lakhani, Intimate Health Expert

Vaginal rejuvenation treatments are becoming increasingly popular- but what are they and do we need them? There are now more treatments available which promise vaginal tightening, enhanced orgasms and increased lubrication. And many celebrities have taken up the trend, with Kim and Kourtney Kardashian both having had tightening treatments after childbirth and Jada Pinkett Smith made headlines when she opened up about her vaginal rejuvenation treatment for “health” and “vitality.”

But what are the benefits, what works and what can you do? Intimate health expert Dr Shirin Lakhani explains what treatments are available - and why it’s certainly not about achieving a ‘designer vagina’.

Rejuvenation is not about ‘designer vaginas’ , says Dr Lakhani.

“I work hard to stop people using the term ‘designer vagina’ as it is derogatory and misogynistic, and it takes away from the wide variety of reasons women may seek treatment. It is also technically incorrect as the correct term for the female genitalia is vulva. The vagina is the birth canal!

“Women come to be for vaginal rejuvenation to increase to be able to live life to the fullest, rather than wanting to improve how they look. People are leaning more towards the overall long-term approach of optimal skin, physical and mental health solutions. For some people, vaginal rejuvenation is about improving their sex life, for others it’s about treating vaginal atrophy, where thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls may occur as your body produced less oestrogen and for others, it’s about feeling more comfortable in their own skin.

What treatments are available? Empower RF

EmpowerRF is a pioneering treatment, a veritable revolution that harnesses the potent synergy of advanced radio-frequency energy and intravaginal electrical muscle stimulation (EMS).

EmpowerRF stands as a groundbreaking leap in the realm of women's health, setting new standards in innovation and transformative solutions.

This transformative technology from In Mode is a multifaceted platform, capable of addressing a host of women's health issues. It provides a fusion of cutting-edge solutions that range from neuromuscular re-education for strengthening weakened pelvic floor muscles to liberating relief from the struggles of urinary incontinence. But it doesn't stop there. This technology goes beyond, enhancing blood circulation and alleviating the discomfort of vaginal atrophy. The v-tone is for stimulating internal muscle stimulation, morpheus 8V combines radiofrequency and microneedling to stimulate collagen and elastin.The Aviva can be used to improve appearance and feel of the vulva, shrink the labia minora, tighten labia majora. It’s exciting as you can now do a non-surgical labiaplasty properly. The results should last for several years. It’s a really quick and efficient treatment for women looking for both aesthetic and functional vaginal enhancements,” says Dr Lakhani.


You might think Botox is just for reducing wrinkles on the face - but it can actually be used for a whole host of medical reasons. Botox can be injected into the vagina under local anaesthesia to help with several conditions, including vaginismus, a medical condition that causes involuntary vaginal muscle spasm, vulvodynia, persistent pain in the vulva, and pelvic floor issues. Botox is most known for its use for cosmetic treatments but it is used to treat a variety of medical conditions. Vaginal and pelvic symptoms can be caused by muscle spasms and Botox works by relaxing the muscle,” says intimate health specialist Dr Shirin Lakhani.


‘Hyaluronic acid, contained in filler and found naturally in the body, can rejuvenate vaginal tissue by increasing the thickness of the vaginal walls, which can improve sexual function and dryness. You can use non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid in the vagina for menopausal atrophy.’

Labial Puff

‘Dermal filler is pumped into the labia to plump it up and give a more youthful appearance,’ says intimate health specialist Dr Shirin Lakhani. ‘The effect of the filler is to voluminise the labia majora. It can have a significant impact on the patient’s day-to-day life, such as making it easier to exercise and wear tight trousers and reduce symptoms of ‘exposure’ to the intimate area by reducing irritation and infection.

The labial puff can help women who suffer from a loss of volume in the labia majora without undergoing surgery,” says intimate health specialist Dr Shirin Lakhani. ‘It only takes 15 minutes but can last up to 12 months.

‘Labial laxity may sound like a cosmetic issue as the tissue becomes loose and sagging but it can result in physical problems too such as vaginal dryness, loss of libido and feeling uncomfortable in swimwear and tight exercise clothes.

‘Age and childbirth can cause your labia to change shape or tone. The labial puff involves an anaesthetic injection to numb the area and then filler is injected. The treatment can result in improved confidence as well as reducing pain during intercourse as loose labia can chafe.

The G-shot

‘The G Shot is purely focused on giving you the most sensation possible during sex,” says intimate health specialist Dr Shirin Lakhani. “In this treatment, hyaluronic acid, which is the same solution used in fillers, is injected into your most erogenous area. It uses cross-linked hyaluronic acid.

‘The G Shot works by enhancing the G-spot and the filler gently increases the size and sensitivity, making it much more receptive to sensation.

‘I do not do the G-shot because of the risk of injecting filler into a highly vascular area in the vagina. You do not want cross-linked filler inside the vagina. It is similar to where the o-shot is injected but it does not include the clitoris. ‘


‘PRP is a procedure which takes concentrated plasma from the blood of the patient and it is then injected to help stimulate cell regrowth and regeneration,’ says intimate health specialist Dr Shirin Lakhani. ‘The PRP injections are injected into labia majora and vulva to help boost the growth and health of the vulva and vagina. It can be an alternative to HRT for those suffering from vaginal atrophy and related symptoms such as pain, dryness and recurrent bladder infections.

“When you take the blood and use the concentrated plasma, which has a higher concentration of platelets, you can use it to rejuvenate different parts of the body.

‘PRP can help with female sexual dysfunction, arousal disorder, pain during sex and trouble climaxing. It can also help with stress incontinence, vaginal dryness and Lichen Sclerosus.”

The O-shot

‘The O-shot is a specific technique of using PRP for female sexual health. It’s a non-surgical procedure that can resolve many intimate issues,’ says intimate health specialist Dr Shirin Lakhani. ‘It can enhance sexual experience, as women who have the treatment say their orgasms become stronger, longer-lasting and more frequent.

‘The injection is administered into the clitoris and into the vaginal wall to regenerate the whole area. An anaesthetic to numb the area is given beforehand. We inject PRP - the platelet-rich plasma. The PRP will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and increase sensitivity in the area.”

Are these treatments painful?

“Some of these treatments may sound painful in a particularly sensitive area but you will be given either a topical anaesthetic to numb the area or injected with anaesthetic so you will not feel it.

“Some find the intimate nature of the procedure a little daunting. If you have any questions or concerns, I encourage you to discuss them with your practitioner. There’s no need for embarrassment or feelings of anxiety.”

This article is a promotional advertorial by Dr Shirin Lakhani, Intimate health expert, Elite Aesthetics

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